CEWASTE – Voluntary certification scheme for waste treatment

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    Capacity development
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    Otmar Deubzer

    The CEWASTE project contributes to an improved recovery of valuable and critical raw materials (CRMs) fromkey types of waste through traceable and sustainable treatment processes in the entire supply chain of secondaryraw materials. As such, CEWASTE will address the specific challenge to secure the sustainable access to CRMsfor the EU economy and objectives set by the EU action plan for the Circular Economy, the issue of illegal tradeof wastes within the EU and to non-EU countries and the need to support the development of environmentally andsocially sound recycling systems globally. Specifically, the project will develop, validate and launch a voluntarycertification scheme for collection, transport and treatment facilities of key types of waste containing significantamounts of valuable and critical raw materials. To ensure a comprehensive approach and a robust result, the projectwill be developed along the following six specific objectives: Objective 1 – Understand existing recovery practice,standards and verification schemes; Objective 2 – Develop sustainability and traceability requirements; Objective 3 -Develop an assurance system and related verification procedures; Objective 4 – Validate the new voluntary scheme;Objective 5 – Ensure long term sustainability of the scheme; Objective 6 – Ensure a transparent stakeholder process.