Biodiplomacy Initiative

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    Suneetha Subramanian

    In the context of a diverse world where values and rules related to the environment, culture, ethics and economy vary, the Biodiplomacy Initiative (BI) at UNU-IAS seeks a basis for dialogue that celebrates diversity and places life at the centre of human development. It facilitates this process through: (a) setting research and policy agendas based on information and data; (b) undertaking capacity development activities for both developing and developed countries, with emphasis on improving understanding of international negotiation processes; (c) creating an enabling environment for all relevant stakeholders; and (d) supporting international, regional and national agencies and stakeholders to implement the policies, programmes, legislations and regulations. It provides an objective and academic, yet practitioner’s voice in international bio-negotiations so that both developed and developing countries are on an equal footing to define environment and development agendas.