Assessing material flow with an ecosystem services approach: The case of Mezquital Valley, Mexico

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    Hiroshan Hettiarachchi

    Quantifying the magnitude of human impacts on ecosystem services/functions is crucial to maintain socioecological systems´ resilience and improve their ability to provide benefits and services to communities. Integrative management approaches – that include socioecological as well as biophysical data using spatially explicit models – are required to understand such complex agricultural land-use systems. With this approach, the project aims to address the nexus between water, soil and ecosystems services management towards a sustainable development.

    This study aims to assess the current state of the ecosystems in the area, determining the impacts of wastewater irrigation on the socioecological systems and develop scenarios to inform the decision-making process. The research explores the implications of management options for the sustainable development of irrigated agricultural systems fostering the safe use of wastewater in agriculture.