Alliance 8.7 – Conflict & Humanitarian

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    UNU Office at the United Nations
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    Capacity development
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    Julia Blocher

    The Alliance 8.7 Action Group on Conflict & Humanitarian Settings is a multi-stakeholder group of UN entities, Member States, civil society actors and other stakeholders committed to taking action in these areas. This Workshop provides an opportunity for members of this group to meet together, consider priority areas for research and action, and engage potential partners within the system to advance this agenda.

    The Workshop will focus in particular on the key issues identified in Resolution 2331, which include:

    Procurement and supply chains: mitigating the risk of UN agencies contributing to trafficking in persons in armed conflict through procurement and supply chains (UNSCR 2331 OP 23);
    Protection: incorporating these issues into humanitarian needs assessments (OP 20) and the use of the existing protection system (OP 20);
    Training for actors in conflict situations: Resolution 2331 encourages training on prevention and response for peacekeepers (OP 3(a)), UNODC, UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM, Interpol, and others (OP 17);
    Reporting to the UNSC: by missions (OP 21, OP 23), in CTED country assessments (OP 16), and on areas, routes and location (OP 23), and by SR on SVC and Group of Experts on Rule of Law (OP 17);
    Strengthening UN coordination: for prevention, counter trafficking, and protection of victims and those at risk, including through ICAT (OP 23).

    The Workshop will consider options for advancing research and action in each of these areas, including through coordinated action within the UN system or in the context of Alliance 8.7. This may include identification of research priorities and development of a roadmap for the Alliance 8.7 Action Group on Conflict and Humanitarian Settings. The Workshop will largely take the format of an informal roundtable.