Advancing Locally Based Green Practices to realize establishment of Sound Material Cycle Society in Asian Cities

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    Akhilesh Surjan

    ‘Sound Material Cycle Society’ and ‘Material Flow’ largely remains alien concept for most cities of Asia’s developing countries which are routinely struggling to manage increasing daily waste within their municipal limits. However, huge populace fueling the growth of these cities has its own frugal ways and modest means which have catapulted them to the top spot in the world’s Green Index (study conducted by the National Geographic), making them the most environmental-friendly denizens of Planet Earth. To arrest this diverse reality, this multi-country research will review urban expansion and economic growth analysis of life-styles to ascertain changing material flows in domestic and industrial sectors as well as prevailing reuse and recycle practices which may be considered as precursor to the ideas of establishing Sound Material Cycle Society. Further, field realities from the selected cities of India, Indonesia, Vietnam as well as Japan will be captured to arrest minuscule and oft-ignored dimensions of cyclicity of the materials at the household, community and city level. Descriptive, qualitative as well as technical analysis of selected key material sectors (such as construction, packaging, automobiles, consumer electronics etc.) of case-study cities will help establishing that cities are ideal candidates for promoting Sound Material Society (SMS) pathways. Recognition and scientific understanding of existing green practices of the society may not only act as the entry points to realize this vision but can demonstrate its multiplier effect through enhanced urban resilience.