UNU Representative at UNESCO

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  • UNU Representative at UNESCO, Ambassador Daniel Rondeau, is a noted author, journalist and diplomat.

    He has served most recently as the Ambassador of France to UNESCO (2011–2013). He has also served as French Ambassador to Malta (2008-2011).

    Ambassador Rondeau has worked as a journalist with major French newspapers (Libération, Le Nouvel Observateur, L’Express, Le Monde, Paris Match). His publications include novels (Dans la Marche du temps), autobiographical narratives (L’Enthousiasme, Les Vignes de Berlin), portraits of Mediterranean cities (Tanger, Alexandrie, Istanbul), books of intervention (Chronique du Liban rebelle) and essays on literature (Les fêtes partagées, Camus). He has been decorated with the Légion d’Honneur and is an Officer of the French Order of Arts and Letters.

    As an Ambassador to Malta, he stood up for the situation of African migrants dying in the Mediterrean while trying to reach Europe’s shores. In 2009, he raised an alarm publishing a large article, ‘Les boat people de Malte’ in the French newspaper Le Monde. He also organized “Ulysses 2009”, a symbolic journey across the Mediterranean from Malta to Beirut, which gathered writers, poets, and historians from different Mediterranean countries on a boat, in order to reflect on Mediterranean identity and to bring attention to the migrants’ tragedy.

    During his mandate as Permanent Delegate of France to UNESCO, Ambassador Rondeau organized events such as l’Appel de Saint Petersbourg, aiming at rescuing the Malian’s Mausoleums, and coordinated a Solidarity Day for Mali at UNESCO. He also organized a Franco-Israeli-Palestinian symposium on scientific cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians, “Science, Networks, Consciousness in the Mediterranean Basin”.

    In September 2013 he was chosen to represent the United Nations University Office in Paris, for the purpose of organizing major events, which have succeeded in strengthening UNU’s visibility.