Video interview: Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla

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  • 2011•12•22     Tokyo

    On 8 December 2011, Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla delivered the 19th U Thant Distinguished Lecture at United Nations University Headquarters in Tokyo. We took this opportunity to conduct a video interview with her; questions related to Costa Rica′s six decades of experience with disarmament and her efforts to promote peace and stability in the Latin American region. She also shared her views on drug-trafficking as well as the debate on drug legalization.

    President Chinchilla further explains the important steps Costa Rica that has taken towards becoming a carbon-neutral country, and the nation′s heavy investment in sustainable energy, reforestation and the establishment of protected natural areas.

    President Chinchilla called on the global community to raise its voice to respond appropriately to the problem of climate change, as the issue puts the survival of humanity is at risk.