Young Researchers Look at the Future of E-waste

  • 2010•09•09     Eindhoven

    Philips and Umicore hosted an international group of young researchers looking at the growing problem of waste electronic and electrical equipment, more commonly known as e-waste. Sponsored by the NVMP Foundation, the Dutch Association for the Disposal of Metal and Electrical Products, the E-waste Summer School was organised by the United Nations University under the aegis of the StEP Initiative and took place from 29 August to 7 September.

    “Building research capacity on e-waste management is a key objective of NVMP. Hence, the Summer School is a wonderful platform for this”, said André Habets, in charge of Research and Development at NVMP.

    Nineteen students from all continents participated in this second NVMP-StEP E-waste Summer School. Between them, they represented 18 countries of origin or place of study. The issues discussed during the ten days ranged from environmental justice to consumer behaviour to recycling technology.

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