Wellcome Trust Funding for Research on Urban Development and Health

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  • 2015•09•17     London

    An international academic consortium has been awarded major funding from the Wellcome Trust to identify the factors that will help cities thrive against the challenging backdrop of an escalating global population, depleting resources and serious health and environmental concerns.

    The three-year project, funded by the Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Health initiative, is expected to commence in early 2016 with expert support from the UNU International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) and the University of Washington. The project will be led by the University of the West of England in partnership with urban planning and research consultancy, Daniel Black and Associates, and the University of Bath.

    As a member of the expert panel supporting the research, UNU-IIGH Visiting Professor Roderick Lawrence, will be advising on methods of interdisciplinary research and co-creation. He highlighted the project’s strengths as transdisciplinary inquiry to address real-world concerns and the opportunity to apply the concept of co-benefits to integrate health promotion into the early stages of urban planning programmes and targeted projects.”

    The project will be split into two major activities. The first phase will value in economic terms the health costs and benefits of high quality and low quality urban environments, both now and in the future, taking into account multiple health indicators including those predicted from climate change. The second phase of the project will explore the barriers and opportunities to enabling the creation of healthy urban environments. This research will start to reveal the type of people, agencies, decision tools, policies and legislation that are needed for healthy places to start thriving.

    For more information, please visit the UNU-IIGH website.