Video: Highlights from 2014 E-Waste Academy for Managers


  • 2014•12•03     La Libertad

    The week-long E-Waste Academy for Managers was held earlier this year in El Salvador. The second in a series inaugurated in Ghana in 2012, the 2014 Academy was organized by the UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability SCYCLE (Sustainable Cycles) operating unit in Germany, through its role as host of the StEP (Solving the E-Waste Program) Initiative, in cooperation with the Basel Convention Regional Center for Central America and Mexico.

    The E-waste Academy for Managers aims to foster and sustain multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaboration, examining the e-waste issue in its entirety, rather than through the lens of a specific discipline. The academies feature expert lectures and presentations on topics ranging from e-waste related policy and sociology issues to technology and economics, as well as group projects and site visits.

    The 2014 Academy brought together 21 participants from 10 different countries in Latin America and three participants from Africa. It also engaged 14 experts from leading institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the US Environmental Protection Agency, the World Resources Forum in Switzerland, precious metal recycler Umicore in Belgium, and seven facilitators from IT manufacturers (Dell, Hewlett Packard and Nokia), as well as UNIDO.

    By sharing insights on “urban mining” and fostering international linkages and collaboration, the academies, along with complementary events for scientists, are enabling local solutions to growing global e-waste problems.

    The following video presents highlights from the 2014 E-Waste Academy for Managers.