UNU-WIDER Director Tarp receives Vietnamese medal

  • 2011•12•07     Hanoi

    As part of activities to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Denmark, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and the Danish Embassy in Hanoi held a “Research Day” seminar on 23 November to celebrate the successful research partnership between Vietnam and Denmark.

    At the seminar, experts from Denmark and Vietnam discussed a three themes of research cooperation: “Strengthening Population and Reproductive Health in Vietnam”, “Climate Change in Vietnam” and “Macroeconomic Development in Vietnam”.

    During the seminar UNU-WIDER Director Finn Tarp was presented with the Vietnamese “Medal for the Cause of Science and Technology”. The medal was presented to Prof. Tarp by the Vietnamese Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Nguyễn Quân. Prof. Henrik Enevoldsen of Copenhagen University and John Nielsen, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, also received this medal, which recognized the recipients′ “great contributions to scientific development in Vietnam”.

    Director Tarp has, for more than a decade, been the leader of an extensive programme of policy-relevant development research and capacity-building in Vietnam in collaboration with a range of national and international partners. Those partners include the Central Institute of Economic Management, the Institute of Science and Social Affairs and the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Affairs as well as colleagues from UNU-WIDER, the University of Copenhagen and elsewhere.