UNU, University of Yaoundé I sign collaboration agreement

  • 2012•01•24     Bonn

    On 12 January 2012, Prof. Dr. Jakob Rhyner, UNU Vice Rector in Europe, and Prof. Oumarou Bouba, Rector of the University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance collaboration between the United Nations University and University of Yaoundé I. The signing parties formally agreed on the already established cooperation with regard to information exchange, research activities and publication initiatives, especially in the field of e-learning.

    During the signing ceremony, presentations were given by Prof. Foupouagnigni (University of Yaoundé I), Dr. Thomas Scheidtweiler (Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation), Michael Hörig (German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD) and Prof. Rhyner, who spoke about the UNU Priority Africa Initiative.

    Cooperation between the University of Yaoundé I and the UNU Vice Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE) in the field of e-learning dates back to 2008, when UNU-ViE was invited to the “Humboldt Colloquium on E-Learning” to explain the potential of e-learning for the University of Yaoundé I.

    For more information about the collaboration and highlighted activities, see UNU and University of Yaoundé I sign Memorandum of Understanding on the UNU-ViE website.