UNU-CS hosts Georgia Tech Study Abroad Program

  • 2016•07•06     Macau

    The UNU Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS) in Macau hosted the 2016 Georgia Tech Study Abroad Program from May 20 to July 1.

    The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Institute of Technology sent nine students — three graduate students and six undergraduates — to spend six weeks at UNU-CS to study science, technology, and international affairs. The program was led by Prof. Fei-Ling Wang with assistance from the UNU-CS research staff.

    The students, majoring in international affairs or engineering, took classes and engaged in research activities on information and computing technologies (ICTs) and society. They studied and presented on a variety of ICT-related research topics. The graduate students also wrote and presented research papers.

    In addition, the students took field trips in Macau and Hong Kong; heard guest professors from The University of Hong Kong and University of Macau discuss local society, culture, and politics; and traveled to the neighbouring Chinese Mainland, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

    The students were exposed to the cutting-edge research on ICTs and development, studied the links and interactions between science & technology and international relations, and explored culture and society in Asia (especially Greater China).

    This was the first cooperative and intensive research and educational programme organised by UNU-CS in partnership with a US university. The Georgia Tech students reported that it was a great, eye-opening, and even “life-changing” experience.

    For more, see the news story on the the UNU-CS website.