UNU Migration Network Meeting


  • 2017•12•26     Maastricht

    The UNU Migration Network, which comprises researchers working on migration issues across the UNU system, gathered at the UNU Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT) on 21–24 November 2017 to share project updates and discuss collaborative research opportunities.

    A wealth of empirical research and conceptual work-in-progress were shared among 40 migration researchers over the four days. Experts at UNU-MERIT, for example, are working with other UN agencies to conduct impact evaluations, including one for the International Organization for Migration’s ‘Connecting Diaspora for Development‘ scheme, where diaspora communities in the Netherlands undergo short-term assignments in organisations in their home countries. The UNU Office at the United Nations (UNU-ONY) also shared updates on the development of a knowledge platform for Alliance 8.7, a global multi-stakeholder partnership dedicated to fighting modern slavery. Researchers at UNU Computing and Society (UNU-CS) are also conducting migrant technology research, such as on the use of social media among North Korean refugees in South Korea.

    For more information, read the news story on the UNU-IIGH website.