UNU-IIST explores collaboration with UNESCO

  • 2012•05•29     Paris

    On 9 May 2012, the UNU Office in Paris, in conjunction with the French National Commission for UNESCO, organized an event, “Presenting the United Nations University to the French-speaking Academic Community”, at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. This event introduced the history, concept and impact of UNU, followed by in-depth introductions of four UNU institutes and a roundtable discussion.

    Some 70 attendees from UNESCO, national delegations to UNESCO, and the French-speaking academic community attended the event.

    UNU Rector Konrad Osterwalder, together with Luk Van Langenhove (Director of the UNU Office in Paris and UNU-CRIS), Jean Audouze (President of the French National Commission for UNESCO) and David Atchoarena (Director of the UNESCO Division for Teacher Development and Higher Education) gave the opening remarks. UNU-IIST Director Peter Haddawy, along with the directors of UNU-MERIT, UNU-EHS and UNU-INRA, gave presentations about their respective institutes.

    Attendees showed strong interest in the programmes of UNU-IIST. Director Haddawy engaged in follow-up discussions the next day to explore specific areas of collaboration with the UNESCO Division for Planning and Development of Education Systems as well as with the Columbus Association.

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    (Adapted from “UNU-IIST Explores Collaboration with UNESCO”, published on the UNU-IIST website on 25 May 2012.)