UNU-IIST Contributes to Saudi Arabia E-Government Summit

  • 2013•06•03     Riyadh

    Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Head of the Center for Electronic Governance and Senior Research Fellow of UNU-IIST, moderated the interactive panel discussion on “Changing Role of e-Government Leadership” and contributed to the panel “Towards a Smart Government” at the 4th annual Kingdom e-Government Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 27–28 May 2013. The summit is associated with Yesser – Saudi Arabian National e-Government Programme.

    The “Changing Role of e-Government Leadership” panel examined how Government Chief Information Officers (GCIOs) and other e-government leaders contribute to matching raising expectations from citizens for more efficient, effective and transparent governance processes with appropriate technological, organizational and policy solutions. The panelists shared findings about the role of e-government leaders in managing the change brought on by technology within government and within society, engaging citizens in co-producing public value, developing cross-border services and developing new leaders.

    The “Towards a Smart Government” panel focused on the establishment of new technologies, platforms and applications to help customize services, according to user preferences, to establish common service delivery channels, to improve service delivery, to transform the working of government from department-centric to user-centric, and generally to make government operations smarter. Dr. Janowski contributed to this panel with a presentation on “Policy-Driven Electronic Governance” that described the evolution of public sector Information and Communication Technology, introduced Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (EGOV) as the next phase in this evolution, provided an example (EGOV for Sustainable Development) and outlined the challenges of moving into this phase.

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