UNU-IAS Partnership Contributes to Selection of Kanazawa City as “SDGs Future City 2020”


  • 2020•07•30     Kanazawa

    Collaboration by the UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) contributed to Kanazawa City being selected by the Government of Japan earlier this month as an “SDGs Future City 2020” and a “Municipal SDGs Model Project”.

    The goal of this scheme is to create sustainable cities where both citizens and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the city based on biological and cultural diversity such as local nature, history, and culture.

    The UNU-IAS Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa (OUIK) has been working with Kanazawa City since 2018 to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A joint declaration signed in March 2019 between Kanazawa City, the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Kanazawa, and UNU-IAS launched the SDGs project Imagine Kanazawa 2030.

    Collaborative events aimed at deepening understanding of the SDGs and regional issues have included the SDGs Ishikawa–Kanazawa Dialogue Series, the SDGs Café Series, and SDGs Meetings. The UNU-IAS operating unit also worked with local stakeholders to create the Kanazawa Future Scenario.

    In 2008, the Japanese Government adopted a system to designate “Environmental Model Cities” and “Environmental Future Cities”,  with the aim of achieving a sustainable economy and society.  Since 2018, up to 30 cities have been selected each year.  In 2020, Kanazawa City was one of three cities in Ishikawa Prefecture that were selected were as SDGs Future Cities, as well as the first municipality in the prefecture to be selected as a “Municipal SDGs Model Project”.

    UNU-IAS will continue to collaborate with Kanazawa City and the Kanazawa Junior Chamber of Commerce on a variety of activities to raise awareness about/publicise the SDGs and build a community of co-creation. Efforts will include helping to develop attractive SDGs tours, an important element of the model project, and providing advice on green infrastructure for tourism and SDGs tourism in the wider region.

    For more, see the full news story on the UNU-IAS website.