UNU-EHS Experts Appointed as Lead Authors for UNDRR Special Report on Drought

  • 2020•04•01     Bonn

    UNU-EHS scientists Dr. Michael Hagenlocher and Isabel Meza have been appointed as Lead Authors (LAs) for the UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) Special Report on Droughts (GAR SR Drought), published by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

    The GAR is the flagship report of the United Nations on worldwide efforts to reduce disaster risk. It is published biennially, and is the product of the contributions of nations and public and private disaster risk-related science and research. The upcoming GAR SR Drought, which will be published in Summer 2021, will explicitly build on results of earlier assessments, studies, and reports (including the GAR 2011 and 2019) as starting points, assessing and synthesising studies and experiences.

    In close collaboration with the UNDRR secretariat, Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs), other Lead Authors (LAs), and contributing authors, Hagenlocher and Meza will contribute to the report with their specific expertise on understanding, characterising, and assessing drought risk.

    For more information, visit the UNU-EHS website.