UNU-CRIS to participate in new EC global re-ordering project

  • 2011•01•17     Bruges

    The UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) welcomes the signing of the Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks (GREEN) contract by the European Commission (EC).

    This EC Framework Programme 7 integrated research project will be a four-year, 10-million-euro endeavour undertaken by 16 institutions from around the world, including UNU-CRIS. It will begin in March 2011 and run through February 2015.

    The aim of the GREEN project is to achieve an understanding of the likely directions of the emerging global governance structures, and of Europe’s place in them. Is a multi-polar world with Europe as a pole is a possibility, or might an alternative scenario — such as a shift to a trans-Pacific locus of power, or a “depolarization” and fragmentation of authority — marginalize Europe’s global role?

    The research will be theoretical and policy-oriented, and will encompass an interactive dissemination strategy to assure feedback from its target publics.

    The GREEN project will be undertaken by a consortium of European partners (from Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the UK) with a strong track record of collaboration on these issues. Leading institutions from Argentina, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, South Africa and the USA will play a hub-and-spokes role for their regions.