UNU Council completes 2010 annual session

  • 2010•12•10     Tokyo

    The Council of the United Nations University convened its 57th session at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo from 29 November though 2 December.

    The Council, the governing board that formulates the principles and policies which guide the activities and operations of UNU, comprises 24 appointed members as well as the UNU Rector and three ex officio members (the United Nations Secretary-General, the UNESCO Director-General and the UNITAR Executive Director).

    The appointed Council members serve six-year terms. In 2010, fourteen new members (serving 2010-2016) joined ten incumbent members (serving 2007-2013).

    On day one of its three-and-a-half day session, the Council heard and discussed the Rector’s annual “State of the University” report, the financial overview of the University and the UNU Strategic Plan 2011-2014.

    The Council also considered a range of strategic issues, including the UNU postgraduate programmes and related quality assurance framework and manual, the “twin institutes” initiative, and other ongoing and new initiatives (including the establishment of two new institutes: the UNU International Institute on the Alliance of Civilizations (UNU-IIAOC) in Barcelona, Spain, and the UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) in Dresden, Germany).

    Prof. Dr. Juan Ramón de la Fuente of Mexico, Chair of the UNU Council. Photo: Aki Goto

    Day two was devoted to committee meetings that focused on the operation and activities of the global UNU institutes and programmes and on general financial and administrative issues.

    Day three consisted of a closed plenary session in the morning, followed by an afternoon visit to the University of Tokyo for a campus tour and a discussion of tertiary education in Japan, and an evening reception hosted jointly by the Rector and the Government of Japan at Roppongi Hills in the evening.

    On the final day, the Council heard and discussed the committee reports and conducted a variety of business, including approving a range of draft resolutions.

    The Council re-elected Prof. Dr. Juan Ramón de la Fuente of Mexico as Chair of the Council for 2011.