“Beyond GDP”: UNU’s Workshop at Global Media Forum 2013

  • 2013•07•12     Bonn

    At this year’s Global Media Forum (17–19 June in Bonn), UNU joined the debate on the future of growth before a large media audience. UNU institutes shared recent work and aspirations with more than 2,500 journalists, academics and policymakers.

    The Global Media Forum is an annual international conference organized by Deutsche Welle focusing on the challenges of globalization in which media play a central role. It aims to establish a platform for interdisciplinary exchange, drawing media representatives, high-profile experts of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists from around the world.

    UNU hosted one of the more than 50 events that took place during the three-day forum. At the UNU plenary workshop — “Beyond GDP: Inclusive Measures of Economic Progress” — three UNU speakers presented the latest findings in the field of development economics. The speakers argued that current indicators of economic growth fail to reflect the state of natural resources and do not indicate whether national policies are sustainable in the long term.

    Making the case for new indicators of societal progress, Prof. Tony Addison of UNU-WIDER joined colleagues from the International Human Dimension Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) to present new thinking on chronic problems, with a view to breaking assumptions and shifting mindsets.

    UNU also had a booth at the forum, staffed by personnel from UNU’s institutes in Bonn, Helsinki and Maastricht. The booth enabled UNU to share knowledge and information and attracted many young journalists and NGO workers, particularly from developing countries, who sought to learn more about the UNU’s study programmes. Many visitors to the UNU booth also wanted to know: What do you do? Where do you work? How does UNU fit into the UN family?

    For more information, see UNU at the Global Media Forum on the UNU-MERIT blog.