UN, Regional Organisations and Civil Society Join Forces to Promote Peacebuilding and Democracy

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  • 2015•05•04     Vienna

    Strengthening cooperation and coordination between the UN, regional organizations and civil society in responding to crises and peacebuilding is critical, experts concluded at a two-day, high-level international conference organized last week in Vienna. The conference, Strengthening Peace and Security Co-operation towards Democracy and Development, brought together some 60 experts and practitioners to discuss the root causes of conflicts in their regions, and their role in building strong and inclusive democratic institutions.

    The conference was co-organized by the UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies  (UNU-CRIS), Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the Organization of American States.

    “In spite of the UN’s outstanding commitment to maintaining global peace and security, it is high time that the burden of maintaining peace and security is shared at the global, regional and sub-regional level. Since the turn of the last century, collaboration between the UN and regional organisations has started to flourish,” said UNU-CRIS Director Luk Van Langenhove.

    The conference’s recommendations will be presented to the High-Level Thematic Debate of the UN General Assembly on “Strengthening Cooperation between the United Nations and Regional and Sub-regional Organizations”, which will take place on 4 May 2015 at UN Headquarters in New York.

    For more information on the conference and its outcomes, see the UNU-CRIS website.