StEP 2010 general assembly held in London

  • 2010•11•24     London

    The 2010 General Assembly of the Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) Initiative (a public-private sector initiative coordinated by UNU) was recently held in London. During this annual session, attended by more than 45 StEP members, two new members (from Australia and Nigeria) were voted in and a Memorandum of Understanding between StEP and the Global e-Sustainability Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) was accepted. The General Assembly also elected a new Steering Committee for the 2011/2012 term.

    StEP is organized into five Task Forces (TF) – TF Policy, TF ReUse, TF ReCycle, TF ReDesign and TF Capacity Building – that conduct and facilitate global, regional and local research projects aimed at developing feasible, just and environmentally safe solutions for the e-waste problem.

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