New Publication: “Development: Advancement through International Organizations”

  • 2014•06•02     Tokyo

    The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) has published a new paper co-authored by UNU Rector David M. Malone and CIGI President Rohinton P. Medora. “Development: Advancement through International Organizations” examines how the well-known sphere of international development organizations has been upended by two recent phenomena: the emergence of sustained economic success in the developing world, and the international economic crisis of the industrialized world since 2008, which has refocused national priorities towards domestic spending instead of costly international projects.

    The paper chronicles international cooperation for development, including the Bretton Woods organizations, the UN system and the regional development banks, and considers the concurrent emergence of foundations and the roles of international development actors. The authors conclude that there is an uncertain prognosis for organizations caught in this transitional stage in global economic development and governance.

    To download the paper, visit the CIGI website. An earlier version of this paper is also available as a UNU Working Paper.