UNU-MERIT partners with new globalization institute in China

  • 2012•01•03     Suzhou

    The Center for the Study of Globalization was established in November 2011 in Suzhou (eastern China) as part of the International College of Renmin University of China, with the Government of Suzhou as a co-founder. Partners of the new center include UNU-MERIT (Netherlands); the Language and Culture College, University of Vienna (Austria); and the Center for International Economic Relations Study, University of Western Ontario (Canada).

    The Center for the Study of Globalization employs a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to conducting research on and undertaking in-depth analysis of global dynamic processes, such as low-carbon economy (global ecological equilibrium, circular economy, etc.); human development and social progress; poverty eradication; the global financial system and capital markets; and language, culture and education. The center aims to become a major platform for international cooperation and exchange, innovation and academic excellence.

    Prof. Yongjun Chen serves as the center’s director, while UNU-MERIT Director Prof. Luc Soete was appointed the foreign co-director. The appointment of Prof. Soete strengthens the twinning collaboration between Renmin University and UNU-MERIT. It is planned that the center and UNU-MERIT will collaborate in the future through joint research projects, education programmes and staff exchanges.

    Renmin University of China, one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, was founded in 1937 as the first comprehensive national university of the People′s Republic of China. The International College (Suzhou Research Institute) of Renmin University is a postgraduate academic and research institute co-founded by Renmin University and the Government of Suzhou in 2008.

    Prof. René Kemp, a Professorial Fellow at UNU-MERIT, represented Prof. Soete and gave a lecture at the opening ceremony of the Center for the Study of Globalization. For more information, including a slide show of the opening ceremony and a 5-minute podcast interview with Prof. Kemp about his role at the launch event and his views on the future of eco-innovation in China, see “New globalization institute opens in China” on the UNU-MERIT website.