Message from UNU Rector Konrad Osterwalder

  • 2011•03•19     Tokyo

    On behalf of all staff of the United Nations University, I would like to express my sincere and heart-felt condolences for all those who have lost their loved ones and their homes in this unprecedented disaster affecting the entire Tohoku-Kanto region and beyond.

    We have watched with deep sadness the events across north eastern Japan since the earthquake and tsunami on Friday. The loss of life has been tragic. Our thoughts are with those who have found refuge in the evacuation centres. We hope that relief supplies will have reached you by now and that your situation is improving gradually.

    We would like to express our respect to the valiant members of the rescue services from Japan and across the world, and to the members of the Japan Self Defense Forces, for their extraordinary efforts in response to this disaster.

    The situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants is grave and we commend the brave and tireless work of those involved in trying to respond.

    To all the people of Japan, we are deeply impressed by the calm resilience you have shown in the face of such adversity. The entire world is watching and willing to offer you support in these troubling times and in the days that follow.

    I would like to repeat the assurances of the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations stands by the people of Japan and we will do anything and everything we can at this very difficult time.