UNU former vice-rector looks at globalization’s dark side

  • 2011•01•31     Tokyo

    Prof. Ramesh Thakur of the University of Waterloo (Canada), a former UNU Vice-Rector, returned to UNU Centre in Tokyo on 27 January to present issues covered in his latest book, The Dark Side of Globalization (Heine and Thakur, eds.; UNU Press).

    The book, a compendium of contributions from leading authors from around the world, catalogues the complex, often-negative forces that have derived from the rapid internationalization of global trade, finance and information flows.

    Prof. Thakur’s presentation was part of the UNU Interactive Seminar on Global Issues Series organized by UNU Press. He covered the challenges that the dark forces of globalization pose to the international system: from arms trafficking in West Africa to armed insurgencies in South Asia to the upsurge of jihad in the age of globalization.

    While acknowledging the undeniable benefits of globalization for large populations in countries like China and India, Prof. Thakur made it clear to the capacity audience in Elizabeth Rose Hall that “the benefits and costs of the global economy have not been evenly shared”. His thought-provoking comments generated a lively question and answer session.

    The seminar was followed by a reception in the UNU bookstore, where Prof. Thakur was on-hand to sign purchased copies of his co-edited book.