International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects


  • 2014•06•13     Tokyo

    What are the origins of international development? How has it changed and spread over time, and how will it evolve in the future? These and other key questions and debates are addressed in the essential reference book, International Development: Ideas, Experience & Prospects, recently published by Oxford University Press. The book, co-edited by UNU Rector David M. Malone, contains 52 chapters from over 90 authors, slicing and dicing development in different ways, with a foreword by Amartya Sen.

    The book examines the key ideas driving efforts to achieve global development since the 1950s, and how experience on the ground created a feedback loop to these ideas, each influencing the other.

    A new, very rich website supporting the book — Development Ideas — provides free of charge, pre-production text for all of the chapters, as well as suggestions for further related reading. The website is sponsored by Canada’s International Development Research Centre and shared by UNU and the Centre for International Governance and Innovation.

    For graduate-level and other teaching, the book features key questions for discussion (and perhaps student papers). Those who like what they see might want to purchase the book, and for all others, all of the material is available in open access form.

    The book embodies UNU’s commitment — recently reinforced by the UNU Council — to research excellence and policy relevance. Through UNU’s professors and students it also highlights UNU’s commitment to high-quality graduate education.