First Workshop on Women IN ICT in East Asia


  • 2016•11•23     Macao

    On 10 November 2016, the UNU Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS) hosted “Women IN ICT: Exploring Challenges, Envisioning Solutions“. The workshop focused on the challenges of recruitment and retention of women in the ICT sector in East Asia, and brought together experts from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Macau, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand.

    The three main aspects discussed among the speakers and participants were the perceived lack of employable female candidates; the unconscious cultural attitudes of gender stereotyping by employers in the workplace; and the work-life balance issues for women in the ICT sector. The activities included presentations that complemented the panel and group discussions.

    The event also marked the launch of the Women IN ICT (WIICT) network, and the participants concluded the workshop by formulating several themes and points of attention that the new East Asia research collaboration would have to address.

    For more information, see the news story on the UNU-CS website.