E-Waste Stakeholder Workshop and Open Meeting Held in Beijing

  • 2012•08•20     Beijing

    On 16–17 July 2012, the first “Stakeholder Workshop & StEP Open Meeting in China” was held in Beijing. This event of the Solving the E-waste Problem (StEP) Initiative was co-organized by United Nations University (UNU) and Basel Convention Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific (BCRC).

    The Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) operating unit of the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP), in Bonn, Germany, hosts the Secretariat of the StEP Initiative.

    The July event, supported by China Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency, was attended by more than 50 representatives from UN organizations, governmental agencies, research institutes, electronic producers, and collection and recycling companies.

    The first day comprised presentations about ongoing activities related to used electronics and e-waste management in China, including the progress made by recent policies and the latest developments in electronics recycling technologies. International participants also shared their recent policy progress and expertise related to used electronics management.

    The second day focused on in-depth group discussions; participants identified and compared key priorities and challenges for the different organizational sectors represented at the meeting. Participants also identified shared priorities for future work, including:

    • strengthening regulations to promote formal e-waste collection channels and increase environmental standards for electronics recyclers in China;
    • developing third-party certification and licensing systems for recyclers;
    • coordinating research and development across academic and industrial sectors;
    • building technical and institutional capacity for the informal recycling sector; and
    • creating a communication platform for knowledge-sharing among domestic and international stakeholders.

    A document summarizing the status quo of e-waste issues, collection and treatment, policy and stakeholders in China will be published by UNU; it will include the results of a survey completed workshop participants.

    An online platform will be developed by MEP and BCRC for stakeholders to continue sharing information. In addition, a similar provincial-level workshop in Guangdong is being planned for September 2012 to address e-waste issues and identify working priorities at the local level.

    For more information, see StEP Open Meeting in Beijing (China) on the StEp Initiative website.