The Economist Interviews UNU-IIST Researcher on E-Governance

  • 2013•05•20     Macao

    Dr. Tomasz Janowski, Head of the UNU-IIST Center for Electronic Governance, was recently interviewed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as part of a panel of experts and policymakers who took part in the biennial United Nations Global E-Government Survey. Those interviews contributed to the EIU report “E-government in Europe, the Middle East and Africa“. 

    The aim of the UN Global E-Government Survey, launched in 2003, is to present “a systematic assessment of the use and potential of information and communication technologies to transform the public sector by enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, accountability, access to public services and citizen participation in the 193 Member States of the United Nations, and at all levels of development”.

    Commenting on the survey for the EIU report, Dr. Janowski cautioned that applying “one assessment model to all countries, regardless of their size, level of development and policy objectives” means that “the ranking has limited accuracy to represent actual situations within countries, and in general should not be used to directly guide investment decisions”.

    He further called on the UN to increase the usefulness of — and trust in — the survey and its results by “openly publishing the indicators and calculation methods, so that governments are able to select, amend and assign weights to the indicators to reflect local conditions and priorities”.

    For more information on the UN Survey and the EIU report, please see the UNU-IIST website.