Delta 8.7 Launches Interactive Data Dashboards to Inform Policymaking on Modern Slavery & Child Labour

  • 2018•12•03

    On 2 December, to mark the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, Delta 8.7 launched a set of interactive data dashboards that visualises trends in forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour.

    This is the first time that country-level data visualisations and details on governments’ efforts to address these human rights abuses have been brought together in an effort to inform evidence-based policymaking.

    Delta 8.7, a global resource portal on these forms of human rights abuse. organises and visualises relevant data and analysis in a way that is meaningful for and usable by decision-makers, as well as providing a range of learning resources and a forum where experts can discuss their research. This first tranche of data dashboards will ultimately be expanded to achieve global coverage.

    Launched on the sidelines of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly earlier this year, Delta 8.7 is a project of the UNU Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR). It contributes to Alliance 8.7, the international partnership working to achieve Target 8.7 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    For more, see the press release.