Book launch: Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

  • 2011•03•26     New York

    Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, edited by Wim Naudé, was launched at UN Headquarters in New York on 24 February 2011. Presented to an audience of around seventy and webcast around the world, the book is one of the outcomes of UNU-WIDER’s multi-year study on promoting entrepreneurial capability in developing countries.

    “Entrepreneurship is currently a hot topic”, Wim Naudé explained, referring to the fact that governments in advanced countries are embracing the private sector as a generator of jobs, taxes and growth to kick-start their sluggish economies; that governments in emerging markets are looking for entrepreneurs to innovate and sustain their currently resource-driven growth; and that donor agencies and the poorest countries are turning to private sector development in the light of shrinking aid budgets and an increased concern over the effectiveness of “charitable” aid.

    The book is pertinent to all of these debates, and makes a strong case that the current vogue for entrepreneurship should not see the role of the state diminish. Indeed, if there is one central theme to the book,it is that the entrepreneurship–government relationship is critical for the eventual development path that a country follows.

    The book has been described by Prof. Roger Stough from George Mason University as “…the single most informative work on the topic of entrepreneurship and economic development in print”. It is published by Palgrave Macmillan, and can be ordered here.

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