Visit the Completely Redesigned UNU Our World Web Magazine


  • 2013•11•01

    Are you interested in global affairs? Do you follow the work of the United Nations? Do you want to read expert views from global opinion leaders?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the newly redesigned, award-winning Our World web magazine from the United Nations University (UNU) will be an essential addition to your reading list.

    When first launched in July 2008, Our World had a primarily environmental focus, but we are pleased to unveil a new design with a significantly expanded range of topics. Our World now covers the full spectrum of pressing global issues upon which the United Nations works: Peace and Security, Development and Society, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, and Science and Technology.

    No one has a monopoly on the knowledge needed to address the world’s urgent challenges, such as poverty, hunger, child mortality, combating disease, promoting better maternal health, providing universal education and empowering women. The goal of Our World is to engage in conversation, promote peaceful dialogue and (quoting the UNU Charter) foster “dynamic interaction in the worldwide community of learning and research”.

    Over the past five years Our World has published more than 700 articles and 65 videos. We have built a dedicated audience and reached more than 1.5 million readers. Nearly 60 percent of Our World articles cover UNU research, and with the new redesign you can expect to see more from the entire UNU research community.

    We are also delighted to have been able to feature distinguished thought leaders such as Lord Nicholas Stern, Gretchen Daily, Rajendra Pachauri and James Hansen, to name a few. Many of these contributions came via our media partnerships that include The Guardian, Deutsche Welle and Inter Press Service. We will be building upon these partnerships and add even more.

    From the beginning, Our World has been 100 percent bilingual, English and Japanese, because we are dedicated to growing an online community that includes the host country of our headquarters. This will continue in earnest, with the Japanese version of Our World to be upgraded to the new design in early 2014.

    The flexible new design of the magazine will also allow us to feature content in more engaging formats across all of our articles, short videos and photo essays, while creating a rich reader experience on an increasing variety of mobile computers and devices.

    We believe that Our World’s objective, unbiased analysis and insights will continue to make an important contribution as a high quality, independent source of expert opinion on contemporary concerns for the global community.