University of Tokyo Professor Taikan Oki Joins UNU as Senior Vice-Rector

  • 2016•10•03     Tokyo

    United Nations University Rector David M. Malone has appointed Professor Taikan Oki as the next UNU Senior Vice-Rector, effective 1 October 2016.

    Prof. Oki, a prominent researcher on global hydrology and the sustainability of world water resources, is a Professor with the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), The University of Tokyo.

    His previous academic positions include Associate Professor with IIS; Associate Professor with the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature; and Associate Professor, Lecturer, and Research Associate with IIS. He also served a term as Deputy Director for Environment and Energy with the Council for Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office of Japan.

    Prof. Oki, who holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from The University of Tokyo, has published more than 10 books and 220 peer-reviewed journal articles. He has received a number of major awards, most recently the Cultural Publication Award (Japan Society of Civil Engineering, 2014) and the Biwako Prize for Ecology (The Ecological Society of Japan, 2011).

    As UNU Senior Vice-Rector,Prof. Oki holds the rank of United Nations Assistant Secretary-General.

    For more, see the press release announcing Prof. Oki’s appointent.