UNU Online Courses on Environmental Resources Management: From 2 March


  • 2015•01•07     Dresden

    Beginning in March, the United Nations University (UNU) will offer three online courses that consider the nexus approach to the integrated management of water, soil and waste resources from different methodological perspectives.

    The courses will be delivered by the UNU Institute for the Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES, Dresden) through the Blended Learning Platform. Participants anywhere in the world (decision-makers, practitioners and students with an interest in the planning and management of environmental resources) will be able to learn at their own convenience and develop new skills on how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

    These courses will run from 2 March through 22 May.

    The “Green Economy and the Life-Cycle Cost Approach” course  explores how the life-cycle cost approach can be mainstreamed into governance processes at all institutional levels, from local to national, with the aim of achieving the goals of sustainable development, in particular in the management of environmental resources.

    The “Rethinking Infrastructure Design for Multi-Use Water Services” course covers the mutual interactions of water infrastructure and vegetated areas in the context of spatial planning and optimised modelling of ecosystems’ performance indicators.

    The “Financing Public Services and Environmental Sustainability” course examines the role that intergovernmental fiscal arrangements play in shaping public service outcomes in countries around the world, especially developing and emerging countries.

    The course fee of $250 includes the cost of the textbook and mailing of DVDs containing course lectures. UN staff and group applications by an organization sponsoring the enrolment of three or more participants qualify for a discount.

    The application deadline is 31 January For more information, including the admission criteria and technical requirements, see the online courses general information page on the UNU-FLORES website.