UNU-CRIS Issues Open Call for Contributions

  • 2020•06•18     Bruges

    The UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) is seeking external contributors for a range of publications. Among the UNU-CRIS publication series currently open to external authors are:

    United Nations University Series on Regionalism ― This book series, by UNU-CRIS and Springer, publishes innovative work on (supra-national) regionalism from a global and inter-disciplinary perspective. It is open for theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions from academics and policymakers worldwide.

    Recent titles include Regional Integration and Migration Governance in the Global South, The Changing Global Order: Challenges and Prospects, and The Pacific Alliance in a World of Preferential Trade Agreements: Lessons in Comparative Regionalism.

    UNU-CRIS Working Paper Series ― UNU-CRIS working papers are designed to allow academics to share their arguments and elicit feedback. Typically, they are approximately 8,000 words.

    Recent UNU-CRIS working papers include Avoiding “Mixed Messages” (in times of COVID-19): Towards a Consistent EU Position on World Order, A New Analytical Framework to Explain the Troubling EU (Dis)Integration Dynamics, and Revival: The Comeback of Concert Diplomacy in Crisis-Management and the Role of the EU.

    UNU-CRIS Policy Brief Series ― UNU-CRIS policy briefs aim to shine a spotlight on issues of governance at all levels, and offer specific recommendations to policymakers. Each brief is typically 2,500‒3,000 words.

    Recent UNU-CRIS policy briefs include Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on EU Trade Policy: Our Five Cents to the Debate, The Perks of an Unlikely Couple: Why Cooperation between the EU and Russia in Central Asia is Worth Considering, and Digital Change and EU International Cultural Relations.

    Connecting Ideas Blog ― This blog seeks to facilitate ideas, research, experiences, and opinions by providing a forum for both UNU-CRIS and external researchers to share their expertise on some of the most crucial issues of our time. These blog posts are typically 600‒1,200 words.

    Recent Connecting Ideas blog posts have included “COVID-19 and Its Effect on Conflict-Affected and Displaced Women: The Sudanese Case”, “The COVID-19 Crisis and Regional Organisations: More Money, More Problems?”, and “We Go Digital: The South Korean Case and Sustainable Digital Transformations”.

    If you are interested in contributing your research or expertise, please see the guidelines for submission to each series in the Publish with UNU-CRIS: Open Calls announcement on the UNU-CRIS website.