Eight-Day Summer School on Discovering Econometrics; Apply by 1 July

  • 2014•05•26     Maastricht

    Econometrics can be described as the art of gaining new insights from complex data sets with model-driven thinking.

    The UNU-MERIT “Summer School on Discovering Econometrics with ‘R'” aims to provide an accessible, practical and hands-on introduction to econometrics and its workhorse, regression analysis. To achieve this, the course will (i) appeal to intuition more than rigour, (ii) explore and analyse real-world data sets, and (iii) use the non-commercial software R so that students can continue using it later on. (R is a free, object-oriented statistical programming language that is widely used in the social sciences, statistics, medicine, etc.)

    • If you do not tremble as soon as you see a number with decimals or an algebraic equation,
    • if you understand there may be an interesting difference between a mean and a median,
    • if you wonder whether it is true that you can prove anything with statistics and want to understand how …

    … then this course is for you. it will cover such core concepts as sample data, population assumptions, regression models, estimated effects, sampling distributions, standard errors, statistical and practical significance, hypothesis tests and Monte-Carlo simulation.

    The course will be held 4–14 August at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. The tuition fee is €750; the application deadline is 1 July 2014

    For more information, see the “Summer School on Discovering Econometrics with ‘R'” announcement on the UNU-MERIT website.