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  • 2011•10•27     Maastricht

    The UNU Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT), in partnership with the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme, is now recruiting for the third edition of an online openED course: Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 World.

    This collaborative and innovative global business course is free and open to everyone. Starting on 7 November 2011, the course is targeted towards both students and business professionals. It is based around 10 modules, including project management, communication skills and the latest web tools. Participants can follow the entire course or only the modules that interest them.

    “TAKE IT” the 3rd edition of the openED course comes with updated course contents and improved guidance and navigation. Based on comprehensive feedback received from previous participants, improvements have been made to the course contents, guides and navigation.

    “TEACH IT” the 3rd edition of the openED course now provides educators around the globe with the opportunity to offer individual and extra services to course participants, such as in-class lessons, private virtual support or marked assessment and accreditation or certification. Educators can choose to offer such extra services either for a “fee” or for “free”. You are invited to join and to teach the course on a local basis.

    “PROVIDE PEER SUPPORT” and obtain a Letter of Recommendation from the openED course team! Starting from the 3rd edition onwards, the openED course allows participants to obtain a Letter of Recommendation for “actively supporting your peers!” This is a chance to gain soft skills, such as coaching, teaching or communication – and to add value to your CV! You can choose between a “traditional” Letter of Recommendation or a public recommendation at a social media website of your choice (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, etc.).

    The course runs for a total of fourteen weeks: 7 November 2011 and running until 2 March 2012. For more information visit OpenED.

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