Celebrating six months of the new UNU website!

  • 2011•10•08     Tokyo

    Today (8 October) marks a minor milestone for us: the six-month anniversary of the launch of the new United Nations University website. Through its presentation of news and events, feature articles about research and teaching activities, and information about UNU academic programmes/courses and publications, this website has continued to reach out to our global audience and build understanding about how UNU addresses pressing global challenges.

    We’ve made changes to this website during the past week — most of them in the underlying WordPress code and not visible here on the screen. But those of you who are regular visitors will notice some minor changes to our look, such as a new header and menu bar. Our aim is to help make your visit to unu.edu more rewarding.

    To celebrate our first six months, we will be delivering double the usual number of feature articles throughout October. Beginning next week, we will publish two feature articles per week, bringing you “twice as much” analysis and discussion of cutting-edge UNU research. Upcoming features will include an analysis of the global financial situation by UNU-WIDER Chief Economist, Tony Addison, new research from UNU-MERIT on the role of green technology and patent commons, case studies from Asia (by UNU-IAS) on the links between ecosystem change and human well-being, a report on a UNU-LRT field trip in Iceland to study land management, and more.

    We will continue our efforts to refine and improve this website. And to do that, we will be asking for your assistance. Watch for our online user survey, coming later this month; your feedback is important to us, and will help to shape the future direction of the unu.edu website.