Call for Papers: 2013 LABEL Workshop on Human and Environmental Security

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  • 2013•05•06     Luxembourg

    The University of Luxembourg’s Consortium for Comparative Research on Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (RISC) and the Belgian and Luxemburgish Association of Latin-Americanists (LABEL), with support from the UNU Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), invite authors from any social field to submit original paper and panel proposals to the 2013 LABEL workshop on “Human and Environmental Security in Cross-border Regions: Multidisciplinary Approaches in Latin America”.

    The workshop, which will take place at the University of Luxembourg on 10–11 October 2013, aims to empirically examine human and environmental security in Latin American cross-border areas in relation to regional institutional dynamics and regional human security regimes. The conference will bring together three different disciplinary analyses — human and environmental security, border studies, and regional integration studies — in order to:

    • analyse social processes and mechanisms that link environmental security to human security and the respect for human rights in the region;
    • discuss how these concepts can be operationalized in terms of a) policymaking in a local cross-border context and b) civil society participation; and
    • examine how regional organisms and civil society define or address environmental and human security issues in cross-border areas.

    Paper and panel proposals should be submitted by 10 June 2013. For more information on this call for papers, suggested paper/panel topics and the workshop, please visit the announcement on the UNU-CRIS website.