Call for journal papers on urban clean production


  • 2012•05•14     Yokohama

    The UNU Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) is cooperating with other partners to organize a special issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production on “Climate co-benefits approach in urban Asia: Understanding how to promote win-win situations in climate change mitigation, local environmental quality and development in Asian cities”.

    Urbanization, particularly in Asia, is taking place on an unprecedented scale and is posing tremendous technical and institutional challenges to reducing its impact at the local, regional and global levels. Many cities face the tasks of tackling global environmental problems, such as climate change, alongside traditional local environmental problems such as air and water pollution, while seeking to fulfill the growing demands for jobs, housing, education, health care and transportation. Despite efforts to introduce urban management policies and projects, the environmental quality of cities in many Asian countries remains unsatisfactory and is even worsening, in terms of both local and global environmental impact.

    This special issue of the Journal of Cleaner Production provides the opportunity for scholars, practitioners and governmental officials to work together to gain more complete understandings of how cities can generate solutions that have large positive benefits, both short and long-term, in terms of climate co-benefits.

    The editorial team of this special issue invites authors to prepare and submit papers from diverse urban sectors, such as transportation, building, energy, industry and waste management, as well as on integrated approaches that document lessons learned from cross-sectoral and multi-level co-benefits in the environment, society, economics, health, energy and security. The editorial team also is interested in information about indicators and methods that can be/are being used to measure co-benefits in cities and regions. Rreview papers, research papers and case studies are welcome.

    The deadline for submitting first drafts of papers is 20 June 2012.

    UNU-IAS will organize a symposium with the authors of the selected papers on 26-27 July 2012 in Yokohama. All authors of selected papers will be invited; local accommodations for three nights and some meals in Yokohama will be provided, but participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and airfares.

    For more details, please see the Call for Papers page on the UNU-IAS website.