Apply Now for UNU-IAS 2019 Master’s & Doctoral Programmes

  • 2019•01•04

    The UNU Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) in Tokyo is now accepting applications for September 2019 admission to its two postgraduate degree programmes (Master of Science in Sustainability and PhD in Sustainability Science). The application deadline for the MSc in Sustainability programme is 28 February 2019; the application deadline for the PhD in Sustainability Science programme is 19 April 2019. Both programmes will start in September 2019.

    These UNU-IAS postgraduate degree programmes aim to produce the policymakers and researchers of tomorrow, who will be at the forefront of global efforts towards a more sustainable future. The programmes’ students benefit from the unique opportunity to study in central Tokyo at a global university within the framework of the United Nations, and will gain both academic knowledge and practical research skills by actively contributing to the institute’s policy-oriented research projects.

    Both programmes are intended for recent graduates, professionals, or practitioners aiming to pursue internationally focused careers through employment in UN agencies, other international organisations, governments, civil society, or the private sector. All lectures are conducted in English.

    Enrolled students also will have an opportunity to obtain credits not only from UNU-IAS but other leading universities in Japan, including the University of Tokyo and Sophia University.

    For more information, see the 2019 postgraduate degree programmes announcement on the UNU-EHS website.