Apply Now for UNU-CRIS “Modern Diplomacy” Summer School


  • 2020•03•05     Bruges

    In an age where 280 characters from a world leader on Twitter can give a green light to foreign military action or move markets, classic notions of diplomacy no longer reflect reality. Today, effective diplomacy relies on the ability of a government to engage on numerous fronts, through a multi-level and multi-faceted approach that encompasses digital as well as traditional tools. 

    The UNU-CRIS 2020 summer school on “Modern Diplomacy: Across Levels, Actors and Tracks” offers an opportunity to learn from distinguished diplomats, academics, and policymakers from the highest levels on the different facets of modern diplomacy, and how they are being employed the world over to shape ideas, discussion, and the world we live in. Comprising lectures, debates, and workshops covering prominent issues like climate, economic and digital diplomacy, and rising science and cultural diplomacy,  this two week summer school (24 August – 3 September) in Bruges and Brussels is a comprehensive, in-depth exploration of the modern diplomatic landscape, providing participants with the tools to navigate and understand it.

    The summer school will be conducted in English.

    Applications will be accepted until 31 May 2020, but operate on a first-come, first-served basis; when the capped number of participant positions is filled, no further applications will be considered.

    The tuition fee is €1500; full payment must be made by 30 June 2020. (The tuition feed does not cover accommodation or  transportation to/from Bruges.)

    For more information, or to access the application form, see the 2020 Summer School announcement on the UNU-CRIS website.