Apply now for online migration studies course

  • 2012•05•07     Maastricht

    While traditional educational settings continue to be a viable instructional framework for most students, new challenges and increasing time constraints are creating a growing need for innovative and collaborative learning programmes. Online learning opportunities have the potential to meet this need by providing scholars from all over the world with a comprehensive combination of up-to-date theoretical insights, modern educational tools, technical and social skills, and sector specific-knowledge to put theory into practice.

    The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (MGSoG), which in 2011 became part of of the United Nations University through its affiliation with UNU-MERIT, provides not only classical face-to-face courses but also courses that are offered entirely online, or in a blended learning setup.

    The application deadline is nearing for the MGSoG online course Introduction to Migration Studies. This course, while geared towards practitioners in the field, is also open to other types of students interested in learning more about migration studies.

    This course covers eight weeks (4 June 2012 – 27 July 2012) . As a participant, you will receive weekly assignments and online lectures, and are free to work at your own pace and within the confines of their own schedule.

    Introduction to Migration Studies will cover important terms, concepts, definitions, data and flows, as well as cross-discipline theories on the causes of migration (functionalist and structuralist perspectives), the impacts of migration (migration and development), the continuation of migration (networks, migration systems and cumulative causation), and migration as an intrinsic part of development and change. The course will finish up with country case studies from both migrant-sending countries and migrant-receiving countries.

    Students who complete this course will have the opportunity to take other online migration courses, including Course 2: Migration and Remittance Effects and Course 3: Comparative Migration Policy.

    Prerequisites include a social science background and bachelor’s degree (or equivalent).

    The deadline for enrollment is 13 May 2012.

    For more information, see the course announcement on the MGSoG website.