UNU-FLORES and Korean Environment Corporation Sign MoU on Knowledge Sharing

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  • 2017•01•10     Dresden

    Building on existing collaboration to promote young scientists, the UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) and the Korean Environment Corporation (K eco) have formally agreed to upscale their mutual knowledge-sharing activities.

    On 15 December 2016, K eco Chief Executive Officer Byung-Seong Chun and UNU-FLORES Director Reza Ardakanian signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that establishes a formal framework for collaboration between the two organisations in the areas of research, promotion of young scientists, dissemination of knowledge and implementation of research results. The focus will be on developing innovative strategies for sustainable environmental resources.

    While UNU-FLORES and K eco are already collaborating under the umbrella of a government-subsidised internship programme for K eco candidates at UNU-FLORES, the MoU expands and formalises these activities. Future mutual endeavours in these areas will include joint scientific undertakings and events, the further exchange of human resources, and increased coordination and communication between the institutes.

    “At UNU-FLORES, our mission is to develop sustainable strategies for pressing problems in environmental resource management. Early on, we recognised K eco as a strong partner, with whom we share a range of common interests and goals,” Dr Ardakanian explained. “Over the past few years, UNU-FLORES has hosted a number of interns selected by K eco. These young professionals are providing valuable support to our research programmes and projects, our academic activities, and also to our operational units. With this MoU, we look forward to exploring other ways to take advantage of our mutual goals and overlapping scientific interests.”

    For more information and to download the press release, see the news story on the UNU-FLORES website.