Peace and Progress: The UNU Graduate Student Journal, First Issue Released Today

  • 2013•09•02

    New insights on justice in Africa, food economics, peacebuilding and more

    from the United Nations University

    Tokyo, Japan, 2 September 2013 – The United Nations University (UNU) today launched the first issue of Peace and Progress – The UNU Graduate Student Journal (UPP).

    This inaugural sixty-page issue of UNU’s newest academic journal, which is available free for online viewing or downloading (via the link above), features interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed articles from four emerging UN scholars addressing persistent global challenges, including transitional justice in Sierra Leone, food security and agrobiodiversity in international economic policy, drivers of conflict in the UN Mission in Timor-Leste, and the complicated position of local ownership in contemporary peacebuilding theory.

    The focus of UPP is on inventive, holistic visions for the role and work of the UN from emerging scholars across the UNU international community of alumni, graduate degree and non-degree students, as well as like-minded graduate students of other institutions. Peer reviewed and edited by graduate students of the Tokyo-headquartered UNU, the journal offers a unique platform for fresh minds to tackle the most intractable challenges of our time.

    Since 1972, UNU has served as the think tank for the United Nations, and today has grown into a global research organization with institutes in over a dozen countries. It has positioned itself beyond the strictures of conventional academic disciplines, seeking integrated insights across the humanities and the natural, physical and social sciences to realize the UN’s responsibilities.

    UPP aims to invigorate UNU’s commitment to integrated, problem-based research by publishing original insights across five thematic clusters:

    • Peace, security and human rights
    • Development and governance
    • Population and health
    • Global change and sustainable development
    • Science, technology and society.

    Peace and Progress - Issue #1 cover

    Dr. Vesselin Popovski, eminent UNU authority on peace and security and advisor to the journal’s editorial board, commended UPP as “an excellent and entirely student-led initiative for serious academic debate”, adding that “every issue of the journal will be on my reading list”.

    Soohyun Lee, UPP’s founding Editor-in-Chief and 2013 Master of Science graduate from the UNU Institute for Sustainability and Peace, said: “Often, the most revolutionary thoughts are found in the notebooks of curious minds. UPP presents these exploratory innovations for active discussion, criticism, development and application.”

    UPP will be published free online each UNU academic semester at The next issue is scheduled for February 2014.

    The journal accepts rolling submissions throughout the year. The deadline for inclusion in the next issue will be announced soon on the journal website.

    For further information on the journal or submissions guidelines, please contact the editorial board ( or visit the journal website.