Op-eds and Commentary (2019)

Eritrean Migrants Face Torture in Libya: What the International Community Can Do

The Conversation, 19 Nov. 2019 — Anna Triandafyllidou and Katie Kuschminder (UNU-MERIT)

Political Empowerment of Women in Africa: Influence or Number?

Impakter, 12 Nov. 2019 — Maty Konte and Victor Osei Kwadwo (UNU-MERIT)

African Countries Can’t Industrialise? Yes, They Can

The Conversation, 05 Nov. 2019 — Wim Naudé (UNU-MERIT)

Refugees and Migrants Know the Risks of Stowing Away on a Lorry – but Feel They Must Take Them

The Conversation, 29 Oct. 2019 — Talitha Dubow and Katie Kuschminder (UNU-MERIT)

The Path to 2030 Isn’t Gender-neutral

Apolitical, 24 Oct. 2019 — George Atiim (UNU-IIGH), Michelle Remme (UNU-IIGH), and Pascale Allotey (Director, UNU-IIGH)

Climate Woes Require Urgent Action

The Japan Times, 24 Oct. 2019 — David M. Malone (Rector, UNU)

Nobel Prize in Economics: Experiments Are No Substitute for Diagnosis

The Conversation, 24 Oct 2019 — Sam Jones (UNU-WIDER)

Data Assemblages for Enhanced Citizen Participation in Sustainable Development

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, 16 Oct. 2019 — Mamello Thinyane (UNU-CS) and Sabrina Kirschke (UNU-FLORES)

The Digital Revolution Could Unlock a Green Transformation of the Global Economy

The Conversation, 15 Oct. 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS)

The Surprising Decline of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the West

The Conversation, 08 Oct. 2019 — Wim Naudé (UNU-MERIT)

Indonesia’s Huge Fires and Toxic Haze Will Cause Health Problems for Years to Come

The Conversation, 07 Oct. 2019 — Maria C. Lo Bue (UNU-WIDER)

Why We Need a UN Charter

Development and Cooperation, 06 Oct. 2019 — Heide Hackmann and Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-WIDER)

Who Controls the Climate Change Narrative? Can Africa Be in the Driving Seat?

BusinessGhana, 30 Sep. 2019 — Fatima Denton (Director, UNU-INRA)

Nachhaltigkeit in einer digitalisierten Welt?

Frankfurter Rundschau, 19 Sep. 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS)

Sea Level Rise Is Inevitable – but What We Do Today Can Still Prevent Catastrophe for Coastal Regions

The Conversation, 17 Sep. 2019 — Zita Sebesvari (UNU-EHS)

New Technology Isn’t the Cause of Inequality – It’s the Solution

The Conversation, 17 Sep. 2019 — Wim Naudé and Paula Nagler (UNU-MERIT)

Small Data Approaches Provide Nuance and Context to Health Datasets

The Conversation, 12 Sep. 2019 — Debora Irene Christine and Mamello Thinyane (UNU-CS)

Singularity: How Governments Can Halt the Rise of Unfriendly, Unstoppable Super-AI

The Conversation, 22 Aug. 2019 — Wim Naudé (UNU-MERIT)

Why the DRC Ebola Outbreak Was Declared a Global Emergency and Why It Matters

The Conversation, 21 Aug. 2019 — Obijiofor Aginam (Deputy Director, UNU-IIGH)

Dry Toilets: An Approach to Provide Safe Sanitation and Sustainable Sewage Treatment?

SDG Knowledge Hub, 20 Aug. 2019 — Tamara Avellán and Dominique Schmachtel (UNU-FLORES)

Mozambique Case Study Shows That Poverty Is about Much More than Income

The Conversation, 20 Aug. 2019Sam Jones (UNU-WIDER)

Ghana Needs More Efficient Spending to Fix Gaps in Education

The Conversation, 14 Aug. 2019 — Victor Osei Kwadwo (UNU-MERIT)

What Will the Next US Ambassador to UN Do with Peacekeeping?

The Hill, 29 Jul. 2019 — Adam Day (UNU-CPR)

AI’s Current Hype and Hysteria Could Set the Technology Back by Decades

The Conversation, 24 Jul. 2019 — Wim Naudé (UNU-MERIT)

How Can Developing Countries Pay for the SDGs?

Project Syndicate, 22 Jul. 2019 — Kunal Sen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

How Muslim Women Break Stereotypes by Mixing Faith and Modesty with Fashion

The Conversation, 12 Jul. 2019 — Anoosh Soltani and Hannah Tinyane (UNU-CS)

Strengthening the Enabling Environment to Achieve SDG 6 Through Data and Evidence

SDG Knowledge Hub, 13 Jun. 2019 — Guillaume Baggio Ferla and Manzoor Qadir (Assistant Director, UNU-INWEH)

Water Research and Education Need to Flow Towards Developing World

Inter Press Service, 30 May 2019 — Colin Mayfield and Hamid Mehmood (UNU-INWEH)

Moving out of Identity Silos and into Intersectionality: The Example of Gender Identity

Debating Development Research, 29 May 2019 — Smriti Sharma (UNU-WIDER)

Realism should guide the next generation of UN peacekeeping

The Conversation, 24 May 2019 — Adam Day (UNU-CPR)

High School Dropouts Cost Countries a Staggering Amount of Money

The Conversation, 14 May 2019 — Louis Volante and Jo Ritzen (UNU-WIDER)

Narendra Modi’s Performance on the Indian Economy – Five Key Policies Assessed

The Conversation, 08 May 2019 — Kunal Sen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

From Drone Swarms to Modified E. Coli: Say Hello to a New Wave of Cyberattacks

World Economic Forum, 01 May 2019 — Eleonore Pauwels (UNU-CPR)

‘Hoe moet het verder na CETA? Magnette heeft juridische slag verloren, maar niet de politieke strijd’ 

Knack, 01 May 2019 — Filip Batselé (UNU-CRIS)

India’s General Elections 2019: The Potential Electoral Consequences of Demonetisation

The Conversation, 30 Apr. 2019 — Kunal Sen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

Dilemmas of Peacekeeping: What we Learnt from Talking to People in South Sudan 

The Conversation, 24 Apr. 2019 — Adam Day (UNU-CPR)

South Sudan is at Risk of a New Conflict. Can the UN Protect its Civilians?

Washington Post, 18 Apr. 2019 — Adam Day (UNU-CPR)

New Global Testing Standards Will Force Countries to Revisit Academic Rankings

The Conversation, 17 Apr. 2019 — Louis Volante and Jo Ritzen (UNU-WIDER)

Can Digitalisation Save Us?

SciDev.Net, 11 April 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS) & Ina Schieferdecker

¿Qué nos depara el futuro digital?

El País, 11 April 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS) & Ina Schieferdecker

Wetlands Help Protect Us from Floods and Purify Our Water

Thompson Reuters Foundation News, 22 Mar. 2019 — Zita Sebesvari and Yvonne Walz (UNU-EHS)

Can Africa Afford To ‘Strand’ Its Fossil Fuels?

Brink, 22 Mar. 2019 — Fatima Denton (Director, UNU-INRA)

End ‘End-of-Pipe’ Thinking to Gear Up Sustainability Thinking

Green Growth Knowledge Platfrom, 18 Mar 2019 — Eunjoo Lee (UNU-FLORES) and Edeltraud Guenther (Director, UNU-FLORES)

Barriers, Not the Pipeline, Prevent Gender Equality in Tech

Harvard Business School Digital Initiative, 15 Mar. 2019 — Araba Sey (UNU-CS)

Giving Youth Voting Rights is Best Hope in Fight Against Climate Change

The Globe Post, 14 Mar. 2019 — Luc Soete (UNU-MERIT)

Developing Countries Would Benefit from Improved Tax Collection. What Can Help

The Conversation, 13 Mar. 2019 — Kunal Sen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

Women and the Workplace

The Hindu, 8 March 2019 — Radha Kumar (UNU Council Member)

Can Data Save U.N. Peacekeeping?

World Politics Review, 21 Feb. 2019 — Adam Day (UNU-CPR)

Just like Trump, America’s UN ambassador nominees serve only to transform the careers of TV stars

Independent, 19 Feb. 2019 — James Cockayne (Director, UNU-CPR)

National-level Targets, Indicators and Benchmarks for Management of Natural Resources to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG Knowledge Hub, 14 Feb. 2019 — Chris Dickens, Vladimir Smakhtin (Director, UNU-INWEH), Matthew McCartney, Gordon O’Brien, and Lula Dahir

There is an Urgent Need to Address the Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

BMJ Opinion, 6 Feb. 2019 — Obijiofor Aginam (Deputy Director, UNU-IIGH), and Weiam Al-Hunaishi (UNU-IIGH)

How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Mental Health

Huffington Post (UK edition), 4 Feb. 2019 — Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson (UNU-EHS)

Removing Arsenic from Groundwater: We Have the Tools, Let’s Use Them

Inter Press Service, 1 Feb. 2019 — Yina Shan, Praem Mehta, Duminda Perera, and Yurissa Varela (UNU-INWEH)

Flying Tax for Researchers

Observant, 31 January 2019 — Bart Verspagen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

How to Adapt Education for the Digital Age

SciDev.Net, 29 Jan. 2019 — Zeinab El Maadawi (UNU-EHS)

Culturally Responsive Teaching in a Globalized World

The Conversation, 24 Jan. 2019 — Louis Volante (UNU-WIDER)

Avoiding a Jobs Crisis in Africa is a Global Responsibility

Modern Diplomacy, 23 Jan. 2019 — John Page (UNU-WIDER)

How Can Developing Countries Learn to Tax?

OECD Development Matters, 23 Jan. 2019 — Antonio Savoia, Roberto Ricciuti, and Kunal Sen (Director, UNU-WIDER)

Quenching Humanity’s Freshwater Thirst Creates a Salty Threat

Inter Press Service, 18 Jan. 2019 — Edward Jones (UNU-INWEH), Manzoor Qadir  (Assistant Director, UNU-INWEH), and Vladimir Smakhtin (Director, UNU-INWEH)

Building the Evidence Base to Accelerate the Fight Against Modern Slavery

Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 10 Jan. 2019 — James Cockayne (Director, UNU-CPR)

Africa, Katowice and Climate Equity: The Dragon that Will Not Be Slayed!

Business Ghana, 9 Jan. 2019 — Fatima Denton (Director, UNU-INRA)


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