Op-eds and Commentary (2019)

Realism should guide the next generation of UN peacekeeping

The Conversation, 24 May 2019 — Adam Day (Head of Programmes, UNU-CPR)

Dilemmas of peacekeeping: what we learnt from talking to people in South Sudan

The Conversation, 24 April 2019 — Adam Day (Head of Programmes, UNU-CPR)

Can digitalisation save us?

SciDev.Net, 11 April 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS) & Ina Schieferdecker

¿Qué nos depara el futuro digital?

El País, 11 April 2019 — Dirk Messner (Director, UNU-EHS) & Ina Schieferdecker

Women and the workplace

The Hindu, 8 March 2019 — Radha Kumar (UNU Council Member)

Can Data Save U.N. Peacekeeping?

World Politics Review, 21 Feb. 2019 — Adam Day (Head of Programmes, UNU-CPR)

Just like Trump, America’s UN ambassador nominees serve only to transform the careers of TV stars

Independent, 19 Feb. 2019 — James Cockayne (Director, UNU-CPR)

There is an urgent need to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen

BMJ Opinion, 6 Feb. 2019 — Obijiofor Aginam (Deputy Director, UNU-IIGH) & Weiam Al-Hunaishi (former UNU-IIGH intern)

How Climate Change Is Affecting Our Mental Health

Huffington Post (UK edition), 4 Feb. 2019 — Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson (Senior Research Associate, UNU-EHS)

Removing Arsenic from Groundwater: We Have the Tools, Let’s Use Them

Inter Press Service, 1 Feb. 2019 — Yina Shan, Praem Mehta, Duminda Perera & Yurissa Varela (UNU-INWEH)

How to adapt education for the digital age

SciDev.Net, 29 Jan. 2019 — Zeinab El Maadawi (Associate Academic Officer, UNU-EHS)

Avoiding a Jobs Crisis in Africa is a Global Responsibility

Modern Diplomacy, 23 Jan. 2019 — John Page (Senior Researcher, UNU-WIDER)

Quenching Humanity’s Freshwater Thirst Creates a Salty Threat

Inter Press Service, 18 Jan. 2019 — Edward Jones (UNU-INWEH), Manzoor Qadir  (Assistant Director, UNU-INWEH) & Vladimir Smakhtin (Director, UNU-INWEH)

Africa, Katowice and Climate Equity: The Dragon that Will Not Be Slayed!

Business Ghana, 9 Jan. 2019 — Fatima Denton (Director, UNU-INRA)

Building the evidence base to accelerate the fight against modern slavery

Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 4 Jan. 2019 — James Cockayne (Director, UNU-CPR)

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