Zone tropical coastal oceans: Business-as-usual management policies risks well-being of more than 2 billion people

  • 2014•07•02     ScienceDaily

    Excerpt from the ScienceDaily article:

    Says lead author Peter Sale of the UN University’s Canadian-based Institute for Water, Environment and Health: “We zone land for development, for farms, for parks, for industry and other human needs. Required today is a comparable degree of care and planning for coastal ocean waters.”

    “We have tended to think of the seas as our last great wilderness,” he adds, “yet we subject them, particularly along tropical shores, to levels of human activity as intense as those on land. The result is widespread overfishing, pollution and habitat degradation. Coastal marine management efforts today are just woefully inadequate to avoid irreparable degradation of the bounty and services on which so many people depend for food and well-being.