UN University Chief Urges Japan Not to Squander Security Council Chance

  • 2015•11•02     The Japan TImes

    An excerpt from the article by Masaaki Kameda:

    Speaking to reporters in Tokyo, David M. Malone, rector of United Nations University and an undersecretary-general of the world body, urged Japan not to squander its two-year term on the council, which starts in January.

    “Every elected member to the Security Council should have a program of action,” Malone said. “They should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve. Most do not. They spend so much time getting elected, they forget about what they will do when they are elected.”

    Malone said that while Japan’s proposed human security agenda had been very helpful in running for the seat, it should be more specific with its goals once it joins the council.

    “The human security umbrella is very broad and covers many things,” he noted. “So for Japan, the issue is what specifically will it promote from the human security agenda when it is on the council.”